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Hyde Park / Headingley

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Our Hyde Park / Headingley gathering meets every Sunday at 5.45pm at Cottage Road Cinema in Headingley (LS6 4DD).

Our last Sunday at Cottage Road Cinema is this Sunday 30th! We will be meeting at Leeds Beckett - The Stage, Portland Building, City Campus, Portland Way, LS1 3HE. The service starts at 4 but come from 3:30 for refreshments.

  • Mission Groups

    ​Our mid-week groups, which we call Mission Group, are great places to meet people with similar passions and interests, find a community, grow in your faith, and share the good news of Jesus with others.

    Many groups are geographical, but there are also student, young professional, International groups, and social justice groups.

  • Ben

    About midway through my second year of medical studies, a fellow rugby teammate invited me to Mosaic. Having grown up going to church with my family, I thought: “why not?”. I was met by a diverse community of people whose authentic faith in Jesus really challenged me. I discovered a church that has influence beyond the confines of walls on a Sunday. Mosaic’s vision of seeing God’s kingdom grow in Leeds. This prompted a pursuit for the truth. The Sunday services and mid-week mission groups nurtured this pursuit, without being overbearing. 6 months following my first visit to Mosaic, I committed my life to Christ and was plugged into the church. Two years later now, and Mosaic continues to equip and inspire me to live a missional life. I feel comfortable inviting non-Christian friends along to church or other events. Mosaic facilitates discipleship opportunities to help grow, and reaffirm our calling: to love God, and to love others. To conclude, the church pointed me to the person I should place my trust in – Jesus. In Him.

  • Roya

    ​Having graduated from university, I decided to move to Leeds for work. I found myself in a city where I knew no one and didn’t have my friends and family to run to. On a recommendation I decided to check Mosaic out. I was struck by the warmth of everyone I met at church and how quickly they helped me to settle into my new life in Leeds through Mission Group and other events. I felt so welcomed that decided to stay and felt like I belonged. Over the few years I’ve been here I’ve been able to make some incredible friends, who have loved, accepted and challenged me. Through mission group, discipleship triplets, and the discipleship track I’ve been equipped to grow in my relationship with God and encouraged to delve deeper into learning about God’s character and explore my faith, I have found it to be nothing less than liberating. Mosaic for me is what church should be like- lively, fun, encouraging, filled with love and discipleship.

  • What to Expect

    ​We love gathering together on a Sunday. Our gathering has an informal, lively feel. We usually start with some sung worship, followed by some church news and then an engaging and relevant bible-based talk. At the end of the service, there is plenty of time to meet new people. Services usually last around an hour and a quarter.

    We welcome anyone and everyone, no matter where you are in your journey of faith – whether you have been a Christian for a long time or you are just exploring.

We’re Moving!

The Hyde Park Headingley Gathering will be moving from Cottage Road Cinema to Leeds Beckett the stage venue which is opposite the Rose Bowl and near the Dry Dock Pub near the university. Our last Sunday at Cottage Road will be on Sunday 30 th April. Our first Sunday at Leeds Beckett the stage venue will be on Sunday 7 th May.

We are moving because we want to grow as a gathering. We believe this new venue will help us do that. The cinema has been a good home for us but it is quite restricting. Our new venue will give us more flexibility, enable us to cater for families and integrate new people, and give us extra space to socialise and do hospitality well.

As we are moving from the Headingley area our name will also be changing from ‘Mosaic Hyde Park / Headingley’ to ‘Mosaic Central’. If you have any questions about this move then please contact us at

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