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If you missed a Sunday gathering (or you’re just checking us out) you can listen to our latest Sunday talks here.

We aim to have talks available on this webpage within 5 days of them being recorded, but sometimes it can take a bit longer.

Archived Talks

Recent Talks

  • Worry and Anxiety

    Matt talks us through how we can be free from our Worry and Anxiety.

    By Matt Hatch on 21/05/2017
    Series: how culture disciples us
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  • Coping with life’s pressures

    Life brings up many pressures and how we respond affects the way we live. It is easy to keep ‘coping’ through them, or we can draw strength from God which leads to a life transformed.

    By Matt Hatch on 07/05/2017
    Series: how culture disciples us
    Scripture: 2 corinthians 10:3-5   |   Download MP3

  • How to be happy in a time of delay

    When we are in a time of waiting on God it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Andy reminds us of the promises of God.

    By Andy Bramhall on 30/04/2017
    Series: how culture disciples us
    Scripture: mark 5: 21-43   |   Download MP3

  • How culture Disciples us

    The culture that we live in has a great influence on the way we live. Matt gives helpful tools to help us deal with hurts and sin in our lives.

    By Matt Hatch on 23/04/2017
    Series: how culture disciples us
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  • Spiritual Disciplines

    Matt looks at how the Church in Antioch ran and then how to build our character though Spiritual Disciplines

    By Matt Hatch on 02/04/2017
    Series: acts
    Scripture: acts 11, acts 13   |   Download MP3

  • Salvation to the Gentiles

    Salvation is open to everyone. Ian speaks on how the Church is a place for all to belong.

    By Ian Walker on 26/03/2017
    Series: acts
    Scripture: acts 10   |   Download MP3

  • Kingdom Living

    The apostles are jailed and publicly humiliated, and yet they are miraculously released by an angel of the Lord. After being released, the apostles go straight back to preaching, despite the clear danger that this would put them under, for they are committed to obeying God rather than man.

    By Andy Lancaster on 18/03/2017
    Series: acts
    Scripture: acts 5.17-42   |   Download MP3

  • Walking in Meekness

    Following on from out Love:Nations conference Andy speaks on the importance of walking in Meekness.

    By Andy Mccullough on 12/03/2017
    Series: love:nations 2017
    Scripture: luke 20   |   Download MP3

  • Special Offering 2017

    Matt talks to us about about this years Special Offering, we give our lives to Jesus in praise and also finances.

    By Matt Hatch on 26/02/2017
    Series: acts
    Scripture: acts 7   |   Download MP3

  • Rejoicing through Persecution

    Nick shows us how we can rejoice through persecution

    By Nick Warner on 19/02/2017
    Series: acts
    Scripture: acts 5   |   Download MP3

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