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If you missed a Sunday gathering (or you’re just checking us out) you can listen to our latest Sunday talks here.

We aim to have talks available on this webpage within 5 days of them being recorded, but sometimes it can take a bit longer.

Archived Talks

Recent Talks

  • Romans: Introduction

    Matt takes us through an introduction to Romans, including who Paul is, and some of the big themes of the letter including righteousness by faith alone.

    By Matt Hatch on 01/10/2017
    Series: romans
    Download MP3

  • Vision

    Matt shares with us the vision of Mosaic Church, both looking back and looking forward.

    By Matt Hatch on 24/09/2017
    Series: vision
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  • Abraham’s Choice

    Paula looks at what Abraham and Melchizedek show us about how we can make godly decisions and what it means to worship God with our whole lives.

    By Paula Moore on 16/07/2017
    Series: abraham
    Scripture: genesis 14   |   Download MP3

  • Life a life of Faith

    Dan kicks off our series of Abraham. God calls Abraham to leave his family with the promise of having children in his old age. Big ask!

    By Dan Chadwick on 09/07/2017
    Series: abraham
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  • Confusing routes and confusing destinations

    Life doesn’t always look what we expects to and as Christians how do we respond when our expectations are different from our reality.

    By Theo Sheridan on 02/07/2017
    Series: acts
    Scripture: acts 28   |   Download MP3

  • Loving a City, Loving a People

    Chris speaks with passion as he explains how we can love our city like Paul loved his.

    By Chris Mason on 11/06/2017
    Series: acts
    Scripture: acts 17:16- 34   |   Download MP3

  • Grace finds and unites us

    Rich goes through the story of Lydia and shows how God’s grace transforms us.

    By Rich Bradley on 04/06/2017
    Series: acts
    Scripture: acts 16   |   Download MP3

  • Worry and Anxiety

    Matt talks us through how we can be free from our Worry and Anxiety.

    By Matt Hatch on 21/05/2017
    Series: how culture disciples us
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  • How Culture Disciples Us - Coping

    We all use coping mechanisms in life. Do they control us? Where do we need to find freedom from them?

    By Matt on 21/05/2017
    Series: how culture disciples us
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  • Coping with life’s pressures

    Life brings up many pressures and how we respond affects the way we live. It is easy to keep ‘coping’ through them, or we can draw strength from God which leads to a life transformed.

    By Matt Hatch on 07/05/2017
    Series: how culture disciples us
    Scripture: 2 corinthians 10:3-5   |   Download MP3

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