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If you missed a Sunday gathering (or you’re just checking us out) you can listen to our latest Sunday talks here.

Archived Talks
  • Real Power, Real Humility, Real Hope (South & HH))

    In Joseph’s life we see power, humility and hope, but in Jesus’ life we see ultimate power, ultimate humility and ultimate hope.

    By Matt Pearson on: 06/04/2014
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  • Joseph The Primeminister (North)

    We are taken through the interpretations of Pharaoh’s dreams and how God used Joseph to save Egypt as the second in command of the nation.

    By Keith Nichols on: 06/04/2014
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  • Joseph’s Decision to Serve or Not to Serve (HH)

    Joseph chose to serve others even in the most challenging of situations, and God chose to serve us through Jesus’ death and resurrection. How do respond to this in how we serve those in our lives?

    By Rich Bradley on: 30/03/2014
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  • Obedience & God’s Big Picture (North)

    We look at how Joseph’s obedience to Pharaoh brought about the saving of a nation and seeing the parallel to Jesus whose obedience has brought about our salvation.

    By Dave Horsfall on: 30/03/2014
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  • The Life of Joseph: Forgiveness & Fruitfulness (South)

    Looking at the life of Joseph and his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, we learn about fruitfulness and forgiveness, and how we find these fully in Jesus.

    By Dan Chadwick on: 30/03/2014
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  • Suffering Well & Speaking the Truth in Love (HH)

    This week we learn from Joseph’s time in prison that even in the most demanding circumstances, suffering well and speaking the truth in love is an integral part of the christian faith.

    By Matt Hatch on: 23/03/2014
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  • Suffering Well & Speaking the Truth in Love (North & South)

    This week we learn from Joseph’s time in prison that even in the most demanding circumstances, suffering well and speaking the truth in love is an integral part of the christian faith.

    By Matt Hatch on: 23/03/2014
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  • Joy in Obedience

    Through studying Joseph’s life we learn that there may not always be comfort in Jesus, but there will always be joy in obedience to him.

    By Matt Hatch on: 09/03/2014
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  • City-Wide Celebration

    How can the gospel impact everyday life and the whole of society? This is explored in the final celebration of LOVE:NATIONS 2014.

    By Jimmy Seibert on: 02/03/2014
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  • Building a Church for the Poor

    How can we create a church environment that is completely inclusive and empowering for the poor?

    By Steve Whittington John Flavell on: 01/03/2014
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  • Walking with the Spirit

    How can we live life in obedience to the Holy Spirit and encounter Him daily?

    By Nate Bobbett on: 01/03/2014
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  • Mission to the World

    In Saturday’s final session we learn how we can take the gospel to the world and have a missional focus in our lives.

    By Jimmy Seibert on: 01/03/2014
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  • Living Obediently

    Here, we are taken through what it means to live an obedient life to God and the fruit it can bear.

    By Jimmy Seibert on: 01/03/2014
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  • Knowing Jesus

    We carry on our conference looking at how we can know Jesus more intimately and how we see God everyday.

    By Jimmy Seibert on: 01/03/2014
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  • Living By Faith

    Jimmy kicks off LOVE:NATIONS 2014 by exploring what it really means to live life by faith.

    By Jimmy Seibert on: 28/02/2014
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  • A Meal of Promise

    Jesus’ post-resurrection meal teaches us that God is faithful through everything. He has sent his Spirit to empower us to fulfil God’s promise to bless all the nations.

    By Hannah Mackley on: 23/02/2014
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  • Vision Sunday

    Informative talk on the values of Mosaic Church and our vision for the future. This includes how our 2014 finances are being used.

    By Matt Hatch on: 16/02/2014
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  • The Resurrection Part 1

    We look at how all of the meals with Jesus gain meaning through the resurrection of Jesus and what this miracle actually means for us by looking at 3 areas we often miss when reading these events.

    By Dan Chadwick on: 02/02/2014
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  • Pride and Humility

    Those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

    By Matt Hatch on: 26/01/2014
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  • The Last Supper

    As part of the ‘Meals with Jesus’ series, we look at who Jesus is and what he reveals about himself at the Last Supper.

    By Dan Chadwick on: 19/01/2014
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  • He Is King

    Matt Hatch looks at the event of the feeding of the 5000 to highlight both our responsibility and our inability under Jesus’ kingship.

    By Matt Hatch on: 12/01/2014
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  • Grace and Mission

    Using the meal of Jesus with Levi the tax collector, we look at God’s grace and mission.

    By Matt Hatch on: 05/01/2014
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  • What to Sing at Christmas: Wise Men (HH)

    The three gifts that the wise men gave Jesus show us that their song is a song of kingship, a song of priesthood and a song of sacrifice. What song will we sing this Christmas?

    By Hannah Mackley on: 22/12/2013
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  • What to Sing at Christmas: Joseph’s Song (South Carol Service)

    How can Joseph’s song of costly hope help us to sing this Christmas?

    By Matt Hatch on: 22/12/2013
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  • What to Sing at Christmas: Story of the Shepherds (North & HH)

    When the shepherds first encountered angels and saw God’s presence they were terrified. But we soon learn it completely changed their lives. What should our response be?

    By Dave Horsfall on: 08/12/2013
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  • What to Sing at Christmas: Story of the Shepherds (South)

    Encountering the one creator God completely changed the shepherds’ lives forever. Can our lives be changed too?

    By Dan Chadwick on: 08/12/2013
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  • What to Sing at Christmas: Mary’s Song (HH)

    Can Mary’s song of revolution and costly mercy be a song we can sing this Christmas?

    By Matt Hatch on: 01/12/2013
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  • What to Sing at Christmas: Mary’s Song (North & South)

    Can Mary’s song of revolution and costly mercy be a song we can sing this Christmas?

    By Matt Hatch on: 01/12/2013
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  • Isn’t the Church Irrelevant? (North and HH)

    The modern Church is often criticised as being ‘corrupt’, ‘hypocritical’ and ‘irrelevant’, so what can we do if this is true?

    By Matt Hatch on: 24/11/2013
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  • Isn’t the Church Irrelevant? (South)

    If church is only a human establishment then it will always be labelled as ‘corrupt’, ‘hypocritical’ and ‘irrelevant’, but if the church is the dwelling place of God’s spirit then it becomes a place of ‘restoration’, ‘forgiveness’ and ‘love’.

    By Hannah Pearson on: 24/11/2013
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  • What Do I With My Doubts?

    We all have doubts, but we run the risk of doubts bringing about unbelief. Here we are taken through how to prevent this from happening and using our doubts to strengthen our faith.

    By Matt Hatch on: 17/11/2013
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  • Is God a Moral Monster?

    How genocide relates to an all-loving God.

    By Alan Rose on: 10/11/2013
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  • Is God A Moral Monster? (Family Service)

    An insight into genocide in the Old Testament in the style of our children’s work.

    By Luke Stockill on: 10/11/2013
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  • Does God Care About My Sex Life? (HH)

    Sex has become an idol in our culture, but what does the Bible say about sexual immorality and our sex lives?

    By Matt Hatch on: 03/11/2013
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  • Does God Care About My Sex Life? (North & South)

    Sex, marriage and sexual immorality.

    By Matt Hatch on: 03/11/2013
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  • Where Is God When Life Hurts?

    How to respond to pain in our lives when we know God.

    By Daniel McGinnis on: 27/10/2013
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  • Does a Loving God Send People to Hell?

    Matt Hatch looks into the highly debated topic of whether a loving God will send people to hell and why this is the case.

    By Matt Hatch on: 20/10/2013
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  • Is Jesus The Only Way to God?

    Dave Horsfall looks at the claim that Jesus is the only way to God, looking at some of the common arguments against the claim, and then what it means if the statement that Jesus is the only way is true.

    By Dave Horsfall on: 13/10/2013
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  • Responding To Jesus

    Jeff Krajewski goes takes us through what it can look like when we respond to Jesus after we have encountered Him.

    By Jeff Krajewski on: 06/10/2013
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  • Theology Of Play

    Nick Warner takes us through what play is, and how we can play and use play to honour God.

    By Nick Warner on: 22/09/2013
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  • Theology of Rest

    Matt Hatch takes us through the theology of rest and how God intended us to enjoy the Sabbath.

    By Matt Hatch on: 15/09/2013
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  • Encountering Jesus

    Matt Hatch casts the vision for the season ahead for Mosaic Church, looking at how we can encounter Jesus.

    By Matt Hatch on: 08/09/2013
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  • Theology Of Work

    Dan Chadwick takes us through what biblical work looks like and how we can work to honour God.

    By Dan Chadwick on: 01/09/2013
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  • The Christian Athlete

    What does Paul show us from the athletic games which we can apply to our calling to reach the lost?

    By Tom Almas on: 18/08/2013
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  • Finding Freedom

    How does Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth addressing their neglect of their responsibilities apply to us today?

    By Keith Nichols on: 11/08/2013
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  • Free to Serve and Win People

    How can we be free in our lives to serve and win people for Jesus?

    By Ian Collinge on: 11/08/2013
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  • Love, Liberty and Rights

    Dan explains how Paul’s discussion of food sacrificed to idols applies to us today.

    By Dan Chadwick on: 04/08/2013
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  • About Virgins

    How to make the most of the time we have left, whether we are married or single.

    By Kevin MacNish on: 28/07/2013
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  • Sex and Status

    Looking at how Paul’s letter can tell us how to view sex, our status and relationships.

    By Matt Pearson on: 21/07/2013
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  • Let’s Talk About Sex

    Contending with false arguments in the city and promoting purity in the church.

    By Dan Chadwick on: 14/07/2013
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  • When Relationships Go Wrong

    How does Paul’s rebuke of the Corinthian church help us in resolving conflict in the church today?

    By Matt Hatch on: 30/06/2013
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  • The Reality of a Relationship with God

    What does it mean for the Church to be the bride of Christ?

    By Nick Warner on: 16/06/2013
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  • Mission: The Reality

    Looking at practical ways to be missional to the people around you.

    By Matt Hatch on: 09/06/2013
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  • Mission: The Hub

    How can Mosaic Church be a hub for mission like the church in Acts?

    By Matt Hatch on: 02/06/2013
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  • Mission: The Poor

    If we truly receive the gospel of grace, it will cause us to care for the poor.

    By Hannah Mackley on: 26/05/2013
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  • Mission: The Priority

    Becky challenges us on whether or not mission is our priority.

    By Becky Hunter-Kelm on: 19/05/2013
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  • Mission: The Resource (HH)

    How can we be confident in the resource God has given us for mission?

    By Nick Warner on: 12/05/2013
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  • Mission: The Resource (North)

    How does God equip us for mission?

    By Dave Horsfall on: 12/05/2013
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  • Mission: The Resource (South)

    Our stories of God’s transformation in our lives are a powerful resource for sharing the Gospel with others.

    By Hannah Pearson on: 12/05/2013
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  • Mission: The Church

    The Church is sent together on a mission to be a blessing to the world.

    By Dan Chadwick on: 05/05/2013
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  • Mission: The Scope

    A call to join, belong to and invest in God’s mission.

    By Matt Hatch on: 28/04/2013
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  • Extravagant Love

    How can we express extravagant love in response to the extravagant love of God?

    By Matt Hatch on: 21/04/2013
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  • The Cross-shaped God

    Where humanity is always grasping, God is always self-giving.

    By Howard Kellett on: 14/04/2013
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  • Obedience Begins with Repentence

    How do we turn our disobedience into obedience to God?

    By Hannah Mackley on: 07/04/2013
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  • Resurrection Through Mary Magdalene’s Eyes

    How does Mary’s testimony answer our questions about the resurrection?

    By Matt Hatch on: 31/03/2013
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  • Giving up Control

    Learning to find our security in God by following Jonathan’s example, rather than Saul’s.

    By Hannah Pearson on: 24/03/2013
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  • The Danger of Careless Words

    What can the example of Saul’s oath teach us today?

    By Keith Nichols on: 24/03/2013
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  • Finding the Freedom to Step Up

    What lessons can we learn from the bold responses of Jonathan and his armour-bearer?

    By Rich Bradley on: 17/03/2013
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  • A Tenth of Everything

    The Old Testament tithe brings freedom to surrender all we have to God.

    By Ian Galloway on: 10/03/2013
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  • Here I am, Send me

    At the final session of LOVE:NATIONS 2013 and Mosaic’s first ever City-Wide Celebration, Matt sounds the call to go to the nations.

    By Matt Hatch on: 03/03/2013
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  • Sat PM: Empowered for Ministry

    David Stroud leaves us with a short final word on the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

    By David Stroud on: 02/03/2013
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  • Seminar 3b: Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

    Andrew Grinnell looks at how to serve the urban poor.

    By Andrew Grinnell on: 02/03/2013
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  • Seminar 3a: Music & Arts in Mission

    Ian Collinge teaches us how music and arts are used in world mission.

    By Ian Collinge on: 02/03/2013
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  • Seminar 2: Beginning in Dublin

    Steve and Leanne share the top 6 lessons they have re-learnt since moving to Dublin.

    By Steve and Leanne Vaughan on: 02/03/2013
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  • Seminar 1: Empowered by the Spirit

    David Stroud explores the spiritual gifts of 1 Corinthians 12-14.

    By David Stroud on: 02/03/2013
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  • Sat AM: Empowered for Healing

    The presence of the Holy Spirit empowers us for the ministry of healing.

    By David Stroud on: 02/03/2013
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  • Fri PM: Empowered for Mission

    David Stroud kicks off LOVE:NATIONS 2013 by exploring how the Holy Spirit empowers us for mission.

    By David Stroud on: 01/03/2013
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  • Making Decisions

    When it comes to making decisions, Saul’s example teaches us to seek God, rather than His will.

    By Matt Hatch on: 24/02/2013
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  • Our Unfaithfulness, God’s Faithfulness

    Despite our unfaithfulness to God, He always remains faithful to His promise.

    By Matt Hatch on: 17/02/2013
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  • God at the Movies: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

    As we launch the North and South gatherings, we take a look at how Jesus’s death and resurrection is represented in this children’s classic.

    By Matt Hatch on: 10/02/2013
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  • The King Who Saves

    A look at the first King of Israel and how he points towards King Jesus.

    By Dan Chadwick on: 10/02/2013
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  • Our Position of Security

    How the Ammonite raid of Jabesh teaches us to stand firm in our position in Christ as we face our own battles today.

    By Matthew Walker on: 10/02/2013
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  • God’s Truth Brings Freedom

    God’s truth brings us freedom from worry, inadequacy and fear.

    By Dave Horsfall on: 03/02/2013
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  • What Happens When the Holy Spirit Turns up

    Looking at how the Holy Spirit changes our hearts and gives us new spiritual gifts and abilities.

    By Matt Hatch on: 27/01/2013
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  • Dealing with Rejection

    Receiving the acceptance of a rejected God is the key to dealing with our own rejection.

    By Matt Hatch on: 20/01/2013
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  • Defeating Drift

    Two key ways to avoid drifting in your faith: rely on God and remember Him.

    By Nick Warner on: 13/01/2013
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  • Good News of Great Joy

    Responding to and sharing the good news of Jesus.

    By Nick Warner on: 08/12/2012
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  • Be Imitators of Christ

    What does it mean to live as a Christian, a “little Christ”?

    By Dan Chadwick on: 02/12/2012
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  • Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

    At our guest service, Chris Kilby challenges our assumptions about life.

    By Chris Kilby on: 25/11/2012
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  • Two Brothers, Two Worldviews

    At our evening guest service, Chris Frost looks at The Parable of the Lost Son.

    By Chris Frost on: 25/11/2012
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  • Don’t Deceive Yourselves

    Where in our lives are we deceiving ourselves and settling for second best?

    By Dave Horsfall on: 18/11/2012
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  • Don’t Deceive Yourselves (2)

    At our Hyde Park/Headingley gathering, Rich looks at where we might be settling for second best in our lives.

    By Rich Bradley on: 18/11/2012
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  • Church-Wide Meeting

    Matt talks from Acts and updates us on Mosaic’s transition to three gatherings.

    By Matt Hatch on: 11/11/2012
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  • The Message of the Cross

    Looking at the importance and power of Jesus dying on the cross.

    By Matt Hatch on: 28/10/2012
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  • The Wisdom of God

    The cross of Christ makes foolish the wisdom of the world.

    By Matthew Walker on: 21/10/2012
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  • Boasting In Jesus

    Gary Aston talks about the wisdom of God being revealed in Christ and how this leads us to boast in Jesus, not ourselves.

    By Gary Aston on: 21/10/2012
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  • Unite and Conquer

    Hannah explains the importance of unity in our church.  Continuing in our series “Crazy Christianity”.

    By Hannah Mackley on: 14/10/2012
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  • God at the Movies: The Hunger Games

    Looking at what The Hunger Games can tell us about life and the need for a hero in our lives.

    By Matt Hatch on: 07/10/2012
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  • An Introduction to Crazy Christianity

    How the example of Paul’s mission to Corinth helps us to love the city of Leeds today.

    By Matt Hatch on: 23/09/2012
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  • The King and His Kingdom

    What is God’s Kingdom and how can we enter it?

    By Hannah Pearson on: 16/09/2012
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