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All of our staff and leaders work exceptionally hard to administrate, co-ordinate, organise, plan, gather, train, teach and build Mosaic. You can read more about them below. In addition to our paid staff, we also have a fantastic team of Interns and an FP Team.

  • Matt Hatch

    Founder and senior Pastor of Mosaic Church, Matt is an international speaker and church planting coach. He loves to help leaders build churches focussed on discipleship and mission. He is married to Philippa, with three children. Matt works full time for Mosaic.

  • Rich Bradley

    Rich is co-leading the Central Gathering with Matt. He is passionate about mobilizing the gathering into mission, community and discipleship. He leads the gathering core team, oversees Mission Groups and Sunday services. Rich works 3.5 days per week for Mosaic.

  • Dan Chadwick

    Dan is a Mosaic Elder and also leads the South Gathering. He works full time for Mosaic.

  • Hannah Pearson

    Hannah works part time for Mosaic. She works 1 day per week as the Holbeck Leader, and another 1.5 days per week leading the Mosaic Discipleship Course. Hannah is currently on maternity leave until late 2017.

  • Vicky Keating

    ​Vicky leads our FP Impact Programme. She works 1 day per week for Mosaic, but also volunteers time as a Mosaic Intern.

  • Emily Swingler

    ​Emily is our South Gathering Kids worker. She works 2.5 days per week for Mosaic, but is also an Intern with Mosaic too.

  • Christina Sidery

    Christina works part-time for Mosaic as an the HR and Finance Coordinator. Christina works 2 days per week for Mosaic.

  • Mike Vaux

    Mike covers ops, comms and is PA to Matt Hatch. He works 2.5 days per week.

  • Rhiane Horsfall

    Rhiane works 2 days a week for Mosaic. Rhiane coordinates and oversees all Mosaic events.

  • Catherine Peacock

    ​Catherine works 2 days a week for Mosaic and is the Office Manager.

  • Daniel McGinnis

    Daniel is the Director of the Leeds School of Theology, and oversees both of its year groups. Daniel works 3 days per week for Mosaic. Daniel is also the Associate Director of St. Barnabas Theological Centre, and enjoys being part of theological training and formation here in the North of England.

  • Dave Horsfall

    Dave was appointed as a Mosaic Elder in 2014. Dave works part time for Leeds School of Theology as an Assistant Course Director as well as studying at St Barnabas in Sheffield doing a Masters in Theology.

  • Theo Sheridan

    ​Theo will be joining the Leeds School of Theology staff team in 2017 as the course expands to add in an optional 3rd year. He will work 0.5 days per week.

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