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​We love Students!

Uni life provides an amazing opportunity and a unique challenge to Christian students. We are thoroughly committed to providing a ‘home’ for students to feel supported, envisioned and equipped to live passionately for Jesus on campus. We’d love to see you at one of our Sunday gatherings.

For more information on what’s going on and how to get involved please email

​If you’ve come from abroad to study in Leeds, we want to help you settle in as quickly as possible! Visit our internationals page to find out more.

  • Mark

    I moved over 200 miles and five and a half hours away to get to Leeds! It felt a little daunting to think I was going to be so far away from home, but I had heard great things about Mosaic from a number of trusted friends and leaders. I decided to visit the church before moving up here to get the ‘vibe’ of what the church and the people were like. I was really struck by the friendliness and warmth of the congregation and the leadership team. Once here I chose to get stuck in straight away by serving on a Sunday, which has helped me so much as I got to know some great people really quickly. Mosaic also has an awesome student work team (and awesome students!) who have really supported me and given me so much time, energy and the resources to be on fire for God and reach out to those who don’t know Him. Mission group has been the best place to grow in friendship and in my relationship with God, and it’s a fantastic place to get to know people away from the busyness of a Sunday gathering. Leeds isn’t the biggest city; it’s easy to get about even just by walking, so we’re always meeting up with friends for fun, fellowship and (most importantly) food together! ​

  • Laura

    ​When I first came to Leeds in September I was excited, but also a bit nervous. Before I came I’d had a look online at a couple of different churches in Leeds and found Mosaic. I hadn’t met any other Christians that were going to church in Freshers’ Week, so on my first Sunday in Leeds I had to find Mosaic by myself. I turned up about half an hour late, but when I walked in I was given a really warm welcome, and shown to a seat. The song that the worship band were playing when I arrived was a song that we used to play loads back home, and as I began to worship I cried and really praised God in my heart, as I realised that he was here with me – the same God who was with me back home was still here with me in Leeds. That Sunday I met a couple of other freshers, and each week got to know more and more people, so I never really considered seeing what the other churches in Leeds were like, as I had already started to settle in Mosaic.

    I think the most important thing for me was joining a Mission Group, and through it I’ve made some really good friends. As a Mission Group we often do things together like having meals, BBQs, doing Club Angels (supporting and reaching out to clubbers) and loads of other things. It’s been a great first year and I’m really looking forward to another two years!

  • Alex

    ​Coming to university was a daunting experience. I was moving away from home to a city where I didn’t know anybody. I knew that when I came to Leeds I wanted to continue going to church and so when I arrived, I visited Mosaic for the first time with my parents as it was the closest church to my halls. We enjoyed the service, and afterwards received a great welcome from the people we met. I decided to make Mosaic my home church and to join a Mission Group. The welcome team were really helpful in chatting through what Mission Groups are and how they work, and introducing me to different leaders. Getting involved was easy too. I went along to Launchpad, which was a great way to learn about the way the church works and where I could serve. I’ve really enjoyed serving the church on the visuals team and it’s enabled me to meet lots of different people.

Mosaic has helped me feel really settled in Leeds for the last two years and has been a great place to bring non-Christian friends along to. They have seen that church is not just a place to sing hymns, listen to a sermon, and then leave. They’ve seen that we’re a community, living life together.

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