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If you missed a Sunday gathering (or you’re just checking us out) you can listen to our latest Sunday talks here.

We aim to have talks available on this webpage within 5 days of them being recorded, but sometimes it can take a bit longer.

Archived Talks

Recent Talks

  • Dependency on God: Prayer

    Matt talks to us about how we can approach God in prayer as his children.

    By Matt Hatch on 18/02/2018
    Series: dependency on god
    Scripture: luke 11:1-4   |   Download MP3

  • Dependency on God: Revival

    Guest speaker Mike Springer, speaks to us on the features of revival and how it all starts when God captures the hearts of his people.

    By Mike Springer on 11/02/2018
    Series: dependency on god
    Scripture: acts 2, psalm 85   |   Download MP3

  • Dependency on God: Trusting God with our Finances

    Matt talks of the importance of generously giving away our finances in order that we become more dependent on God.

    By Matt Hatch on 28/01/2018
    Series: dependency on god
    Scripture: 2 corinthians 9, galatians 6: 9, hebrews 13:5, john 15:5, luke 12:15, psalm 24:1   |   Download MP3

  • Vision for 2018

    Matt talks to us about the power of prayer in revival and transformation, encouraging us to share and participate in Mosaic’s vision for 2018, a year of prayer.

    By Matt Hatch on 21/01/2018
    Series: vision sunday
    Scripture: 2 chronicles 7:11-14   |   Download MP3

  • Dependency on God: Year of Prayer

    Matt kicks off our new series on ‘Dependency on God’ by introducing Mosaic’s upcoming ‘Year of Prayer’, and calling us all to a life of prayer.

    By Matt Hatch on 07/01/2018
    Series: dependency on god
    Download MP3

  • A Christmas Message

    For some, Christmas is not always an easy time. When faced with hardship, Matt asks, are you a Scrooge, a Shopper, a Santa or a Stable?

    By Matt Hatch on 17/12/2017
    Series: christmas 2017
    Download MP3

  • Romans: Transformation

    Dave Horsfall talks through Romans 12 and discusses how our hearts, minds and actions can be transformed by knowing God and working with Him.

    By Dave Horsfall on 10/12/2017
    Series: romans
    Scripture: romans 12   |   Download MP3

  • Romans: Security in God

    Tom talks on finding our security in God, looking at Romans 8.

    By Tom Eaton on 26/11/2017
    Series: romans
    Scripture: romans 8   |   Download MP3

  • Come, Follow Me

    Andy Lenton from Bridge Community Church shares the Gospel with our North Gathering.

    By Andy Lenton on 19/11/2017
    Series: the gospel
    Download MP3

  • Romans: God’s Love For Us

    Matt talks us through some biblical questions from Romans 8 which reveal God’s love for us.

    By Matt Hatch on 12/11/2017
    Series: romans
    Scripture: romans 8   |   Download MP3

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