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If you missed a Sunday gathering (or you’re just checking us out) you can listen to our latest Sunday talks here.

We aim to have talks available on this webpage within 5 days of them being recorded, but sometimes it can take a bit longer.

Archived Talks

Recent Talks

  • Parables: Bags of Gold

    What do the ‘bags of gold’ or ‘talents’ in this parable represent? What do we need to do with what we have each been given?

    By Matt Hatch on 10/11/2019
    Series: the parables of jesus
    Scripture: matthew 25:14-30   |   Download MP3

  • Parables: The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

    Matt explores the extent of the acceptance on offer from God, and warns us against trusting in our own righteousness.

    By Matt Hatch on 03/11/2019
    Series: the parables of jesus
    Scripture: luke 18:9-14   |   Download MP3

  • Parables: The Lord’s Prayer

    Jonny unpacks The Lord’s Prayer, which we can sometimes be too familiar with, and looks at how God provides for our daily needs.

    By Jonny Hunter-Kelm on 27/10/2019
    Series: the parables of jesus
    Scripture: luke 11   |   Download MP3

  • Parables: Tenants in the Vineyard

    The reality of Jesus demands a response, either to reject him, or to embrace him. What will your response be?

    By Tom Eaton on 13/10/2019
    Series: the parables of jesus
    Scripture: matthew 21   |   Download MP3

  • Parables: The Unmerciful Servant

    Matt looks at how Jesus took all the cost when God forgave us and how we are called to forgive others in return.

    By Matt Hatch on 06/10/2019
    Series: the parables of jesus
    Scripture: matthew 18:21-35   |   Download MP3

  • Parables: The Worshipping Woman and Two Debtors

    Matt looks at the different heart responses seen in these parables to Jesus - both worship and judgement.

    By Matt Hatch on 29/09/2019
    Series: the parables of jesus
    Download MP3

  • Vision for Mosaic 2019/20

    Matt shares the vision for Mosaic over the next few years, and talks about the kind of people and community we are called to be.

    By Matt Hatch on 08/09/2019
    Series: vision
    Download MP3

  • Parables: The Cost of Following Jesus

    Dave kicks off our new series of The Parables of Jesus by looking at the cost of following him.

    By Dave Horsfall on 01/09/2019
    Series: the parables of jesus
    Scripture: luke 14   |   Download MP3

  • Daniel: No Compromise

    What is everybody around you worshipping? Are you in trouble because of something you can’t compromise over?

    By Ian Crookston on 25/08/2019
    Series: daniel
    Scripture: daniel 6   |   Download MP3

  • Daniel: Intimidation

    How do we stand up and speak up for what we believe in the face of intimidation and pressure?

    By Steve Haines on 18/08/2019
    Series: daniel
    Download MP3

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