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If you missed a Sunday gathering (or you’re just checking us out) you can listen to our latest Sunday talks here.

We aim to have talks available on this webpage within 5 days of them being recorded, but sometimes it can take a bit longer.

Archived Talks

Recent Talks

  • The Life of Joseph

    Through this Old Testament character we see God’s sovereign plan at work and follow in Joseph’s footsteps in humility and trust in God.

    By Duncan Podbury on 14/07/2019
    Series: general
    Download MP3

  • Ephesians - Unity, Diversity & Maturity

    Dan outlines keys to how we can live in unity.

    By Dan Chadwick on 07/07/2019
    Series: ephesians
    Scripture: ephesians 4:1-16   |   Download MP3

  • Ephesians - Prayer for the Church

    Based on the apostle Paul’s prayers in Ephesians 1 & 3 Dave highlights why we should be praying for the church and what we can pray.

    By Dave Horsfall on 30/06/2019
    Series: ephesians
    Scripture: ephesians 1:15-23, ephesians 3:14-21   |   Download MP3

  • Saved By Grace - The Greatest Rescue of All

    Faye explains why we need rescuing, how we are rescued and what we are rescued for.

    By Faye Simmons on 17/06/2019
    Series: ephesians
    Scripture: ephesians 2:1-10   |   Download MP3

  • Ephesians - Be filled with the Holy Spirit

    Dan explains what it means that the Holy Spirit is our present inheritance and why we should long to be filled with Him.

    By Dan Chadwick on 09/06/2019
    Series: ephesians
    Scripture: ephesians   |   Download MP3

  • Worship: Lament

    Lament is found all over scripture. Dave looks at how we can bring it into our lives today.

    By Dave Horsfall on 26/05/2019
    Series: a life of worship
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  • Worship: Spiritual Gifts

    What happens when we as believers who want to live a life that worships God come together? God gave each of us gifts to strengthen and build each other up for His glory.
    (The video mentioned can be found here:

    By Hannah Pearson on 19/05/2019
    Series: a life of worship
    Scripture: various   |   Download MP3

  • Workplace Sunday: The Value of Work

    God values our work. Seeing it as a means to bring glory to God will change how we experience Monday mornings.

    By Dan Chadwick on 28/04/2019
    Series: workplace sunday
    Scripture: colossians 3:23-24   |   Download MP3

  • Disciple-Making Culture - The Call to Disciple-making

    What does a disciple-making community actually look like?

    By Matt Hatch on 31/03/2019
    Series: disciple making culture
    Scripture: various   |   Download MP3

  • Disciple-Making Culture - Tools for Change

    Faith in Jesus brings about inner transformation. Hannah explains two helpful tools for this process.

    By Hannah Pearson on 24/03/2019
    Series: disciple making culture
    Scripture: john 4   |   Download MP3

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