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Our Discipleship Course is all about encountering Jesus. Throughout the Gospels we read stories of ordinary people meeting Jesus and having their lives transformed as He changes the way they understand God, themselves and their lives. The outcome is radical, devoted, passionate discipleship. But living for Jesus in the busyness of work and life is a challenge and it is easy to get distracted and discouraged. The Discipleship Track aims to lay a foundation of biblical discipleship that is living, genuine and can be worked out in every season of life. Whether you have been a Christian for years or just a few weeks, this course will encourage, inspire and challenge you to go deeper with Jesus and allow Him to transform you. This is a one-year track running fortnightly on Wednesday evenings from 7:15-9:30 (excluding school holidays). Starting in January to December. The course also includes an overnight retreat.

  • Course Tutor

    ​The course is led by Hannah Pearson. Hannah has been part of Mosaic for six years, originally moving to Leeds to join Mosaic’s FP programme. She then worked as Mosaic’s student worker before moving to Holbeck and working in a local school. During that time Hannah started the Holbeck Food Bank, which she still runs alongside leading the Discipleship Track.

    Hannah is passionate about seeing people reach their full potential in Christ and, regardless of education or background, being released as valued active members of the church family. She loves spending time with people, learning from them, and seeing them grow.

    She is married to Matt who is the head of maths at a local comprehensive school and, together with the rest of the Holbeck Mission Groups, they are committed to seeing the kingdom come in their community.

  • Course Details

    ​The Discipleship Track is a one year course which runs from January to December, meeting fortnightly on Wednesday evenings during term time.

    There are five key elements to the course:

    • Teaching
    • Discussion
    • Group discipleship
    • Spiritual disciplines
    • Ministry time

    The teaching focuses around 3 key areas: (1) Who God is (2) Who I am (3) What this means for my life. It starts by looking deeply into the character and nature of God, which in turn sheds light on who we are in Him and then how we live this out in our own contexts.

    The course looks both at personal devotional life as well as Christian life in the local church, all the time acknowledging the Bible as the authority on which we base our lives.

  • Topics Covered

    • ​Encountering Jesus
    • Making Disciples
    • Salvation
    • Inner Transformation
    • Father Heart of God
    • Identity in Christ
    • How Culture Disciples us
    • Dealing with Disappointment
    • Holiness
    • Spiritual Authority
    • Being a Missional Community
    • Conflict and Forgiveness
    • Cross-centred Living
    • Spiritual Authority
    • Why Do We Need the Church?
    • Relationships, Conflict and Forgiveness
    • Spiritual Gifts
    • Dealing with Suffering
    • Discipling Others
    • The Mission of God
    • Reaching the City

  • Session Overview

    ​A typical Wednesday evening starts at 6.45pm with refreshments and time to catch up with one another. We then have a teaching session for around an hour with opportunities for questions and discussion.

    We then have either an hour of ministry or same-sex small group discipleship. Hand-outs with questions from each of the teaching sessions are provided, and podcast catch-ups are available for sessions if students are unable to attend.

  • Maryke Walraven

    ​The Discipleship Track has been a safe place to consolidate what I have learned and been learning about God and to explore His character more deeply. Throughout the course, I have been constantly challenged to always seek more of God, reflecting on and questioning my reactions, motivations and understanding of situations. It has been hard! But so fruitful. Even only six months later I know that I have grown and deepened my understanding of God, particularly as the Father.

    It has been amazing to see that as I learn and am challenged by topics, they appear within my own discipleship of others. A good revision of what I have just discovered, it has highlighted the importance of every topic we have covered. I love the opportunity to come and discuss in break-out groups the talk we have heard. Not only does it give me a chance to start digesting, but talking to others with different opinions challenges me on my own understanding and encourages me to go deeper in my own analysis and relationship with God.

  • Location

    We will be meeting every other Wednesday evening at The Oak Church in Pudsey (LS28 6EF).

  • Cost

    The full cost of the course is £200 per year, which includes all teaching, resources, refreshments and a weekend retreat.

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