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The Leeds School of Theology is open to all and is an exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to gain a greater knowledge of God, scripture and theology. The course aims to equip, empower and inspire students to think theologically and to read, study and apply God’s Word in a deeper and life transforming way. It is accessible to everyone; simple enough to be grasped, yet deep enough to be challenging. Students are encouraged to ask questions, challenge assumptions and think for themselves. It provides a safe and nurturing environment in which students can have their thinking stretched, grapple with issues and grow in their faith.

The next course starts in January 2017 and runs over two or three years, with ten Saturday sessions each year. Spaces are limited again this year, so we recommend registering early here to avoid disappointment.


  • Year One

    ​Year One gives a strong introduction to Christian Theology. Looking at topics such as, Healthy Hermeneutics, Church History and reviewing the Old and new Testament.

  • Year Two

    ​Year Two goes deeper in growing Christian Theology. This year causes you to grapple with topics such as Humankind and Sin, Ethics and Missiology.

  • Year Three

    ​Year Three is new for 2017. This will focus on learning New Testament Greek, translating and studying key NT passages and in-depth work on NT exegesis and hermeneutics. This is designed to be a follow-on from the first two foundational years but is also an ideal opportunity for church and ministry leaders who would like to learn some additional tools for in-depth personal study of the New Testament.

  • Tutors

    ​Dave (left) is the Associate Director for Leeds School of Theology. Dave is currently studying to complete a Masters in Theology at St Barnabas College in Sheffield, he is also an Elder at Mosaic Church. Daniel (right) is the Founder and Director of Leeds School of Theology, and is also Associate Director and Head of Faculty at St Barnabas Theological Centre in Sheffield. Daniel has a PhD in Biblical Studies, and a vast in depth knowledge of Scripture. Theo (centre) is also studying at St Barnabas Theological Centre in Sheffield.

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